Growth: Achievements & Future Plans

–       Achievements

  •  Victoria line has a new control centre, new track and new signalling. Journeys are on new, more spacious trains
  • First of the new air-conditioned trains are now running on the Metropolitan line
  • Jubilee line is upgraded
  • New Wembley Park station (2006)
  • Waterloo & City Line upgraded in 2006 (25% more capacity)
  • Heathrow Terminal 5 completed (2008) on Piccadilly line
  • Wood Lane station opened October 2008 featuring state-of-the-art design
  • King’s Cross St. Pancras redevelopment has quadrupled size of station
  • New communication system operating
  • Less congestion at Covent Garden station (more space for exit)
  • Stratford regional station redeveloped for the Olympics, more spacious with new ticket halls, entrances, concourses and beyond.

–       Future plans

  • The Tube now carries more than a billion people each year and demand keeps growing.
  • Much of the infrastructure is very old, some even dating back to the 1860s.
    • More than 600,000 extra passengers will need to travel by public transport at peak times, a large proportion of them by rail
  • Londoners make six times as many rail trips as people living in any other English region, per person. They also pay higher fares, yet receive only a quarter of the public expenditure per trip.
  • London and the South East provide a considerable 43 per cent of all tax revenues in the UK and this is set to increase.
  • Significant long-term investment is needed to avoid overcrowding on trains, a fall in service quality and London’s ability to grow and support the UK economy being undermined.
  • Major improvements such as the installation of new signalling on the Jubilee and Victoria line and new trains on the Victoria Lines have been completed
  • Plans for lines: 
    • Northern Line: completely replacing the current 1950 signaling allowing faster and more frequent trains. This will allow 20% more passengers on (11,000 people) – to be completed in 2014
    • Metropolitan Line: Fleet of air-conditioning trains, and upgrading the signaling. New signal and control system will allow more trains, and a frequent service. This will allow 27% more passengers on (9,500 people) – to be completed in 2018
    • Circle and Hammersmith & City Lines: Fleet of air-conditioning trains, offering more comfort and reliability. New signals, and control systems in order to run more trains. This will allow 65% more passengers on (17,000) – to be completed in 2018
    • District Line: the new, air-conditioned trains will carry 24% more passengers (10,000 people) by 2018 due to new signal and control systemFuture Upgrades

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