Bakerloo Line

Bakerloo Line

The Bakerloo Line is a deep level line that opened in 1906. It has 25 stations with a total line length of 23.2km. It runs partly on the surface and partly at the deep level, therefore of the 25 stations, 15 are below ground. It was named because it served both Baker Street and Waterloo and is the 9th busiest line on the network. It is Brown on the London Underground “Tube” map.

The origins come from pre-existing underground systems that were built in the 1860s and 1880s and never used. The Underground Electric Railways Company of London (UERL) utilized these lines to construct Bakerloo. The line was originally called the Baker Street and Waterloo Railway and was officially renamed in 1906 to the Bakerloo Railway. When the Bakerloo Line opened, it operated with the polarity of the conductor rails reversed. This occurred because the Bakerloo line shared a power source with the District Railway. When the two lines were separated in 1917 the normal operation was restored.

The line now operates entirely on stock from 1972. All of the trains are painted in the livery of red, white and blue, and they are all of the smaller size of train because they must go into the deep level. The seats are positioned longitudinal and transverse. There are proposals to upgrade the line but no timeframe has been announced. This upgrade would include new signaling and a new control center for the line.

There is a plan for the line to re-extend to Watford Junction. The line was extended to Watford Junction in 1917 but this was withdrawn in 1982. Under the London Plan of 2006, it was projected that by 2026 the Bakerloo Line would be re-extended from Harrow & Wealdstone to Watford Junction. Following the 2006 decisions, there should be a transfer of responsibility in the near future of the Euston-Watford suburban services from the Department of Transport to Transport for London.


Weekday – 302,869
Saturday – 19,811
Sunday – 133,741
Annual (mil) – 95.947


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