Circle Line

Central Line

The Circle Line is a service with a spiral shape that loops around central London. It serves  a total of 36 stations over 27.2km including most of London’s main line railway termini. The route is the amalgamation of parts of the District, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan Lines, linking central London in an orbital route. While parts of the line have existed since the creation of the first line in 1863, it was only shown as its own separate line in 1949. The Circle Line appears as yellow on the map.

The Central Line has a total length of 27.2km. The line no longer follows a complete circular route as it was extended in 2009 to include the Hammersmith & City route from Edgaware Road to Hammersmith. Unlike London’s deep-level tube railways, the tunnels are just below the surface and of similar size to those on the British main lines; sub-surface trains. In 2006, there were fourteen trains in service on the line with an interval between trains of eight to eight-and-a-half minutes. Prior to 2009, the Circle line trains traveled in both directions around a simple loop with 27 stations.

The first section of the Underground ran between Paddington (Bishop’s Road) and Farringdon Street in 1863. The original Metropolitan Railway line was extended in 1868 via Notting Hill Gate to Gloucester Road and South Kensington. Simultaneously the District Railway opened its new line from South Kensington to Westminster. The Metropolitan line was extended east from Farringdon Street to Moorgate in 1865, Liverpool Street in 1875 and Aldgate the following year. Then the line was extended to Tower Hill in 1884, which the District Line reached at the same time, thus creating the complete circle.

Aldgate Station is built on a massive plague pit, where more than 1,000 bodies are buried.

114.6 million passenger journeys (2011/12)


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