Hammersmith & City Line

Hammersmith & City Line

The Hammersmith & City line is a London Underground service that runs between Hammersmith and Barking. The line serves 29 stations in 15.8 miles (25.5km). The railway is underground in the central section at the sub-surface level. Most of the track and all the station are shared with the District, Circle or Metropolitan lines. These four lines constitute the London Underground’s sub-surface railway. It is coloured salmon pink on the tube map.

The Hammersmith & City was shown on the tube map as part of the Metropolitan line until 1990. At this point, it appeared as a separate line. The track, signalling system and stock of trains, from the old 6-car to new 7-car trains, are being upgraded in a program to increase capacity by 65% by 2019. Today, the average trip from end to end takes 63 minutes at peak times.

As a separate line, as of 1990, it is now the path that connects Aldgate to Baker Street and the northern areas, through “Metro-Land”, of Uxbridge, Watford and Amersham. In 2003, the infrastructure of the Hammersmith & City Line was party privatized with the main responsibilities still overseen and managed by Transport for London. The line serves Wood Lane, which opened in 2008 and is the first station to be built on an existing line in 70 years.

114.6 million (2011/2012) passenger journeys


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