Northern Line

Northern Line

The Northern Line started operating in 1890 as one separate railway running from King William Street in the City to Stockwell. In 1907, the second railway that is apart of The Northern Line opened which ran from The Charing Cross, Euston and Hampstead. The Northern Line covers 58km serving 50 stations and 84 trains, each with 6 cars. 36 of the 50 stations are underground. It appears as black on the Underground map.

Between 1922 and 1926, the City and South London Railway was rebuilt and linked with the Hampstead Railway at Camden Town, with extensions to Hendon Central (1923), Edgware (1924) and Morden (1926). The line was renamed the Northern line in 1937, and was further extended between Archway and East Finchley in 1939.

The line is the second busiest line on the underground. It also does not serve the north most stations but contradictory to its name but it serves the southernmost stations. It was nicknamed the ‘misery line’ in 1975 because it was the most difficult deep level line to run.

Weekday – 660,395
Saturday – 446,576
Sunday – 278,513
Annual (mil) – 206.734


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