Victoria line

Victoria Line

The Victoria Line is a deep-level route that runs from zone 2 (south) to zone 3 (north-east of London) . The entire line runs below ground except for connections between Seven Sisters Station and the line’s depot at Northumberland park. The line has 16 stations and covers 21 kilometres, it has 43 trains, of which 37 trains are needed for service at peak hours. It is coloured light blue on the Tube map.

It is now the sixth most heavily used line on the network with 200 million passengers each year. However, in terms of average number of journeys per mile, it is the most intensively used line in the system.

A tube running from Victoria to Walthamstow  was first proposed in 1948. The name “Victoria line” dates back to 1955. The construction of the Victoria line began in 1962 on the initial Walthamstow-Victoria section. Budget restricted the infrastructure standard of the Victoria line at the time it was built, as a result, its stations has narrower platforms and undecorated ceilings at Walthamstow Central, Blackhorse Road and Tottenham Hale, adversely affecting lighting levels.

At the time of it constructions, the Victoria line was the first line to be constructed in fifty years; It was designed to relieve congestion on the other lines, particularly Piccadilly line. All of the trains used on this line are operated using automatic trains, but they still do all carry drivers. Every station on the Victoria line apart from Pimlico and Blackhorse Road was built as an interchange station, several existing stations were rearranged to meet this need. All the stations on the line were initially tile in blue and grey, but they are now decorated with tiled motifs in seating recesses to help identify the station.

199.988 million (2011/12) passenger journeys


Blackhorse station platform – note the undecorated ceiling


Tiled silhouette of Queen Victoria at Victoria station


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