WWII Bombing Sites

On 14 October 1940, during World War II, a bomb fell on the road above Balham tube station causing a 9 meter deep  penetrating blast into the tunnel. This broke the water mains and sewage pipes, causing floods and the loss of 68 lives, 64 shelters and 4 railway staff. Clapham South and Tooting Bec stations (then called Trinity Road, Tooting Bec) were closed until January 1941.

On 11 January 1941 during World War II, a German bomb hit the Central Line ticket hall of Bank station causing the roadway to collapse into the subways and station concourse, killing 56 people.

On 3 March 1943, a crowd of people rushed into Bethnal Green tube station, using it as an air-raid shelter. A few hundred yards away from the station in Victoria Park, an anti-aircraft battery launched a salvo of a new type of anti-aircraft rockets, causing the crowd to hurry forward. A woman tripped on the stairs causing many others to fall. Three hundred people were crushed into the stairwell, and 173 died at the scene.

On 13 October 1940, a German bomb fell at Bounds Green tube station killing 16 people.


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